About accelrepairs.com

Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting my site! I am hoping to clarify some things so your DFI or ignition box can get repaired quicker with not too many back and forth emails. Blame me, I should have updated this site sooner!

IMPORTANT: Just came across this again this evening, unfortunately: If your DFI module is password protected DO NOT SEND IT UNLESS YOU KNOW THE PASSWORD! SAVE YOUR CALIBRATION! Roush 5.5 modules are infamous for this. There is little I can do to diagnose this outside a bad injector. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CALIBRATION! First thing I do is save your calibration- but if there is a catastrophic failure looming and I can’t get that far – and it’s happened two or three times to me over 5 years – I can’t get it back. I imagine that is more costly than a $75 repair!

What I strive to do:
I repair Mallory and Accel ignition modules as well as Accel Gen7 digital fuel injection ECM’s. Not all modules are repairable, but I do my best and there is no charge except return shipping if I cannot fix them. (But who wants a broken box back? Your choice!)
I can also repair Accel dual sync boards most of the time. Some boards get really damaged and are not repairable, unfortunately.

What I cannot ,or do not, fix:
I charge a modest fee for testing if you suspect a problem. I encourage everyone to do everything possible to rule out grounding issues, distributor issues, coil issues, wiring in general, etc… before sending it to me. If you welded on your car without removing your Gen 7 and fuel is pouring out I cannot help you! The Gen7 is 16 years old and has not been updated hardware-wise. The processors are not replaceable nor are the EEPROM memory chips. Once these are destroyed the box is useless and not repairable.

Also, I cannot fix Gen6 modules. If you are still using a Gen6, bless you – but time to move on!

I normally am quite successful in fixing ignition boxes, but there are some exceptions. I am willing to look at anything except:

Mallory CT Pro boxes / “ARCA” trays –  These are potted units and cannot be serviced
Any “potted” unit – If you can open the side of your box up, look and see if it is filled with epoxy.  Some Accel 275+ and 375+ units were potted as well.
Roush-Yates modules – These are potted. (Anyone see a pattern here?)
Firestorm – If you are using a Firestorm unit I’d love to hear from you!
Coils – No one can fix a coil 🙂
Gen7 upgrades –  Unavailable at this time.
If in doubt, contact me at accel.dfi.repairs@gmail.com or 216-203-1345

Average turnaround: Sent directly to me is usually 5-7 days, but often sooner. In some cases electrical components need to be ordered. This does not happen too often, but I will advise you in that case and expect delays. Some obsolete components need shipped from overseas. Luckily this has not happened yet!

Accepted payments: At this time, mainly PayPal (which anyone can do with internet access). PayPal is the safest and quickest method – just like buying something online. You do not actually pay until the item is delivered, and if there would be a problem the dispute process is top notch. I also accept Money Orders (made out to Jason Morrow), but this delays things. Please do not  send personal checks, cash, etc.

As you may or may not know… Accel was bought out by MSD a few months ago. Then, MSD was bought out by Holley not long afterwards! MSD is not servicing any electronic modules whatsoever. DFI units are also not being serviced. I am contracted, at this time, to repair anything that comes in. You have the option to send it to them, but as of right now I am the only one repairing these to my knowledge – especially the Gen 7 units. Cut the middleman, expense, and time and send them to me!

About me: I had the pleasure of working at Accel for 4 years in several positions before I went to greener pastures. Great company to work for, great people, and I learned A LOT! This is not my full-time job by any means, but I do this because I met so many passionate and friendly people in that time. I owe it to those folks to help out as much as I can.
I have custom built testing equipment for both ignition modules and ECM’s. I actually built and wrote the code for the ignition module testers, so in some circumstances I can replicate a particular problem by rewriting the code!
Keep in mind I’m an electronics guy – not a mechanic!

PLEASE- ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME AT ACCEL.DFI.REPAIRS@GMAIL.COM! Emailing me will get you the fastest response!

Best regards,


3 thoughts on “About accelrepairs.com

  1. This site is great news! I have two gen 7 Boxes that will be put to use this winter. And I just bought a Firestorm 69000mr box which will be used with one of the gen7 boxes….


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